Why Teakwood?

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Teak is a tropical hardwood material used for centuries in building ships and decks, it's known for durability and stability. Is one of the most valuable timbers, in ancient times, considered and categorized it as "royal timber"

Its naturally high oil content works as a "built-in" natural water repellant. Teak's natural beauty, yellow brown to dark golden heartwood and white sapwood builds a great color combination and texture on our cutting boards.

Teak is moderately hard and heavy with low stiffness and shock resistance but excellent decay resistance and dimensional stability.

The hardwood grain of the teak will keep your knives sharp, at the time it provides a smooth feeling while cutting or slicing.

Teak wood can sometimes feel a bit oily yet can have a leather-like scent. The Moisture-resistance and high oil content are qualities that will keep your boards in perfect conditions for long periods. With minimal care and a few drops of oil once a month you will keep your boards looking beautiful for years to come.

For all these reasons, Teak wood is an ideal wood for the Kitchen needs.