We create cutting boards for food lovers, those who enjoy cooking, eating, and sharing.

Our products are inspired by the love of food, the passion for cooking and respect for our planet. The heart of Teakhaus is the use of 100% sustainable wood from FSC® certified forests. Meaning all our products are truly eco friendly! 

Teakwood's natural beauty combined with its high oil content and moisture resistance make it ideal material for a cutting board.  knife friendly, easy to maintain and long-lasting. We are the last cutting board you'll ever need.

We are food lovers! Invite us to your HAUS and let us inspire your cooking creativity. It’s always time to cook, share, eat and repeat!


Teak cutting boards

We’re food lovers

At Teakhaus, our team are food enthusiasts who enjoy preparing delicious food. This is what drives and inspires us to create our products.

More than ever, we are living in a generation where we are very cautious about the food we eat and the environment. We believe the tools we use to prepare our food should follow the same mindful guidelines. We hope to share the same love for food and our earth with you.


All our products hold the FSC® certification. Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an International Organization which certifies that all the teakwood we use to produce our products comes from well managed forests. Why buy FSC® products? Know more here.

We praise the use of wood in the kitchen and we are sure that we are putting forth responsible products, where you feel your purchase has contributed to a much higher purpose.



The teak wood we use to produce our products smells and feels wonderful. The hardwood grain of the teak will keep your knives sharp, at the time it provides a smooth feeling while cutting or slicing.

It's never too late to start cooking! Cooking is a sensory experience of smells, textures and joyful conversations, that inspires many aspects of our creativity.


Food sharing forms part of our history as humans. Food has shaped our childhood memories, favorite holidays, and celebrations. Transform your HAUS into a culinary space that celebrates community and food.

Ask for our FSC® certified products