A picnic with Mom

Celebrate Moms by doing something Together

Last year for Mother’s Day it was a totally different experience, we were apart from our loved ones, and we were challenged in many ways emotionally and mentally. The digital space was something existent but not mastered by many. And although we were able to take advantage of technology, it’s the human connection which could never be replaced, the significance of a hug, a genuine smile and feeling the energy in a room full of people you love.

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This 2021 we are gifted the opportunity to unite with our loved ones taking the proper precautions under what we call today “the new normal.” These times have definitely been overwhelming and it has created the space for us to reflect and find ways to stay grounded as we intend to manifest positive outcomes for what's to come. And with that said, we agree collectively on celebrating this Mother’s Day with awesome, curated experiences for your special and invincible mom. 

This Mother’s Day let’s express our love in creative ways. 
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An homage to Mother’s, a special picnic, in nature, an afternoon featuring your favorite tea, coffee, wine or bubbles. A beautiful sunset paired with assorted cheeses, fruits, crackers, savory spreads and of course, your favorite Teakhaus wooden cutting board. When creating this wonderful experience, details are everything, decor and setting up the ambiance.   

Below are a few key essentials to prepare your ideal picnic:

  • Make sure to check the weather prior to setting up
  • Your favorite blanket accompanied by your choice of beverage
  • A camera- or your phone- to capture those memorable moments
  • Candlelights or string lights as the sun sets.
  • Teakhaus wooden cheese board or serving boards with fresh fruits
Picnic For Mothers Day

There are many ways to stay connected, to feel the vibes, to set the mood and tone for an incredible experience. Whether you are in physical presence with those loved ones or from afar, celebrating those moments are the true essence revolving this Mother’s Day. The idea behind sharing moments initiates from creating with your hands, playing your favorite tunes, making the beautiful messes, laughing with family and friends, dancing and enjoying the process with full intention.

Picnic for mom_serving cutting boards

We have put together a few magical ways to create this ideal Mother’s Day experience:

  • Chop, season and prepare your favorite grilled recipes
  • Reminisce grandmas amazing recipes
  • An afternoon of English-inspired tea with your favorite assortment of desserts
  • A magical sunset with your choice of cocktails and fresh berries

What we aim to accomplish is to redefine the constraints we have been accustomed to this past year. Disrupt your routine, be spontaneous, and feel the sun. Vitamin D has a funny way of uplifting our spirits and disconnecting us from reality, even if it's momentarily.

Today, we live for moments. 

Mom - You are a beacon of strength!

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