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The Perfect Cutting Pair: Cutting Board (107) + EON Conditioning Oil 9001

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Do you love to cook?

We know you want to make sure your kitchen is always well-stocked with the latest and greatest tools, as we do.

If so, then you need the new Teakhaus Perfect Cutting Pair. This top-of-the-line cutting board, our all time best seller Professional Cutting Board (L) 107, is made from teak wood, which is known for its durability and resistance to warping.

Plus, it comes with our EON Cutting Board Conditioning Oil to keep your board looking and working like new.

Whether you're trimming leafy greens or prepping all kinds of foods, this Perfect Cutting Pair is the ideal addition to your kitchen.


America's Test Kitchen said we are the "Last Cutting board you'll ever need" and Cook's Illustrated rated us as the "Best Heavy Duty Cutting Board", so you can't go wrong when you choose a Teakhaus Board. Professionals know that if you want to make cooking easier, you need a better cutting board!

Details: Rectangle, Edge Grain & Hand Grip, Reversible

Size: 24 x 18 x 1.5 in / 61 x 46 x 3.8 cm

Weight: 15lb / 6.8 kg 

Material: Sustainable teakwood

FSC¬ģ Certified Product



Many Eons ago humanity designed the first wooden utensil. Since then, wood became part of our daily life in the kitchen. Our complete line of care products will seal and protect your cutting board, making it last for Eons.

Hand-made with pure mineral oil, beeswax, and orange essential oil.

1. Shake before use.
2. Apply the oil and let dry for 12-24 hours.
3. Wipe off any excess on the wood to obtain a nice sheen. Wash and use as usual.
4. To maintain your Teakhaus board in perfect condition season at least once per month.

8 oz. 

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A WAY TO WIN: Our 107 Rectangle Edge Grain Cutting board is spacious enough when trimming big roasts or slicing long bunches of leafy greens. It is heavy enough for providing stability when cutting, but still easy to pick up when cleaning is needed. The added hand grips will help you to easily move from kitchen to table. Our Traditional Collection boards are reversible, so you will have two smooth surfaces to prep the whole recipe 

THE BEST WOOD:  A board's durability is related to the type of wood it's made of. Teak is a tropical wood with a high oil content that acts as a water repellant. Teak's medium hardness provides a luxurious cutting experience while keeping your knives sharp. Teak is easy to maintain: with only a few oil drops your boards will look like new again.

TRULY ECO-FRIENDLY:¬†We are passionately committed to the environment, all the teakwood we use comes from sustainable forests. Our products hold the FSC¬ģ certification.¬†

EXTRA TIP: Get the biggest board that your counter and sink will allow. Check our complete collection with the same design, quality, and style in 5 different sizes to adapt to your space necessities. 


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