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Teakhaus by Proteak. About This Company.

Teakhaus by Proteak manufactures the best teak cutting boards you will ever use.  Proteak commenced its renewable teak operations in 2000. Regions were chosen in Latin America for their characteristics, which closely mimic teak's best growing regions in Southeast Asia.  These ideal growing conditions allow Proteak to cultivate its trees without the use of irrigation or fertilizer, thereby producing top-quality teak with minimal impact on the environment. Teak is extremely durable, does not warp easily, and is difficult to scratch. It contains natural oils that enable it to be impervious to moisture, termites, or other insects. It is a perfect and beautiful material for a cutting board, your kitchen, your home. Every tree from Proteak forests and all the processes involved in creating our cutting boards, are certified. We are extremely proud to provide the retailer and consumer, with a complete end to end solution that is certified to be managed responsibly.


From Our Forest, To Your Home.

Proteak is proactively committed to social and environmental responsibility.  It is the cornerstone of our existance as a business. Here are a few facts about Proteak:


Aligned with our certifications is our commitment to rural communities. Proteak is stimulating the agricultural community by providing quality jobs with fair wages in traditionally low income areas in Latin Ameria.

Proteak complies with the 10 principles of the United Nations World Pact relating to human rights, labor standards, the environment, and the fight against corruption.

Proteak is conserving biodiversity by reducing the impact on natural forests and the reduciton of global warming.  For example, on a daily basis our planted forests capture the CO2 emissions of 20,000 cars.

Teakhaus by Proteak.  The best cutting board you will ever use. Our company, our processes are certified and our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is unwavering.


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