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2020 About us

We’re food lovers

We all care more than ever about the food we eat,  chase a healthier diet, rediscover old ingredients, and be mindful for the future of food. The tools we use to cook our food should follow the same rules.

We design our products aiming to strengthen the ties among  people and the food moment.

Sharing food has always been part of the human story. Food has shaped our childhood memories, favorite holidays, and celebrations. Cooking inspires our creativity and we provide you the tools for composing  delicious master pieces.

We’re proud to design products to make you feel good, while cooking

No more plastic! Wood is a renewable material used in the kitchen for millennia. The teakwood we use to manufacture our products comes from sustainable forests. Meaning, they are friendly towards nature. All our products hold FSC® certification,  are antibacterial, and ready to serve your food.

For how we gather today

We change the restaurants to home meals. It's time to rediscover the ritual of cooking together with the people we love and bring joyful conversations to the table.

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