Anfora Tableware

Unhandled Bouillon Denali 6oz - Anfora

SKU: 5911


The ultimate charcuterie set! Open a bottle of wine and prepare an Epic Charcuterie board piled with cheeses, fruit, meats, crackers, bread, and nuts. And this stunning little bowls for the jams will surely be a crowd-pleaser.

Anfora has been part of culinary history in Mexico since 1920. A true symbol of family, of union and of history on the table. Anfora manufacture vitrified porcelain: zero absorption of water and bacteria, high impact resistance, superior durability of enamel and international quality of each piece.

Anfora dishes are the ideal choice for large hotels, restaurant chains and catering services, and for the most demanding chefs, and now they are available for your HAUS! 


6oz / Green/ Vitrified Porcelain


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