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Top 5 Summer Salsa Recipes

1.  Salsa Frescasalsafresca.jpg

Also known as Pico De Gallo, this fresh recipe is a classic from  The Garden Grazer.  Follow the link to find the recipe, it only requires 8 simple, fresh ingredients.  Great for topping chips, tacos, fish, and many other summer seasonal dishes.  Do you have any classic salsa recipes of your own? Share them with us on your Pinterest recipe board.

2.  Rainbow Salsarainbow-salsa.jpg

This hearty, colorful version of a fresh salsa is made with many of summers finest veggies. Find the recipe at Gimme Some Oven. The black beans in this version help to make this side into a filling snack, still great to use as a garnish to many of your summer recipes.

3.  Mango Salsa


Another fresh selection from the blog  Gimme Some Oven, try this fresh twist on a classic salsa.  Sweet 

and spicy, mango salsa has always been one of my favorite dishes. There is something about a perfectly ripe mango that just brings out so many different flavors.

4. Salsa Verde


A recent favorite of mine, this Salsa Verde recipe from Simply Recipes is to die for. If you've never made Salsa Verde before, don't be afraid by the tiny bit of extra work involved with roasting the tomatillos...trust me...its worth it.  You can find them in the grocery store often near the pepper section (spot them with their green husks).  Salsa Verde is not only great on chips, but it does wonders as a chicken garnish.

5. Fruit Salsa with Baked Cinnamon Chips


A friend of mine made this once while she was over at my house, and I haven't forgotten about it since.  It is the perfect fresh desert, simple and easy to make. Use strawberries as the recipe suggests or substitute other seasonal fruit.  Find the recipe on  The Girl Who Ate Everything.

The Perfect Salsa Prep Board from Teakhaus

What cutting board do I use when I am making salsa?  I use one of my all time favorite prep boards, our Rectangle Edge Grain 16 x 12 x .75 with juice canal and corner hole.  

Rectangle Edge Grain Teak Cutting Board by Teakhaus

Salsa is a lightweight summer food, which is why this lightweight & versatile  board is the perfect match.  Easy to use for quick prep work, this board has ample surface area while being slim enough to quickly clean and store if guests are around. The juice canal is not only useful for catching tomato juice run off, but also keeping stray pieces of diced onion or other ingredients from falling off the board and onto the counter or floor. The other side of this board is flat, so when you are done, rinse the board off- flip it over, and use it for a serving platter. 


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