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Thanksgiving Host & Hostess Gifts from Teakhaus by Proteak

Thanksgiving Host & Hostess Gifts 

from Teakhaus by Proteak

Thank your holiday host or hostess this year with a beautiful gift that you know they will use for years to come.  The Teakhaus by Proteak Marine Collection offers a variety of perfect gifts, each one crafted with sustainably grown teak wood from certified Proteak plantations.  Give one of our beautiful teak cutting boards as a stand alone gift, or as a paired gift with a bottle of wine, appetizer, or even one of our wood cutting board seasoning waxes.  If this is a hostess gift for Thanksgiving, or any other holiday meal, it may be used right on the spot!

The Teakhaus Square Marine Board with Corner Hole & Juice Canal makes for the perfect host or hostess gift.  This gift allows for immediate use at the Thanksgiving table, use as a bar board for cutting lemons or limes, as an appetizer serving board, or even as a small plate.  This cutting board retails at only $13.99, allowing you to pair the board with a bottle of wine or appetizer to create a stunning, yet cost effective gift. Give a set of these boards  for future picnic, park, or camping events, they work as small easy to carry chopping boards, and double as plates.   View on the shop.

The Rectangle Chop & Serve 15.5 x 12 x .75 is a unique, ready to use gift that will be cherished by your holiday host or hostess. Great for last minute Thanksgiving prep, or serving - your host will put this chopping board to use right away.  You can;t wrong with a cutting board as a Thanksgiving host or hostess gift because you already know that your host loves to cook! This hostess gift retails at only $25.99.   At the price, pair with a bottle of wine!  Read more about it on the Teakhaus by Proteak shop.

The Rounded Rectangle Edge Grain with Centered Handle 18 x 12 x .75 is a beautiful departure from the standard rectangle, square, or circular shaped chopping board.  This board has just as much functionality, but with a little added flair.  Present this board to your host or hostess your holiday dinner, and you can be sure that you will get the best seat at the table.  Retailing for just $33.99 - give this gift alone or with a bottle of wine.  Visit the Teakhaus shop to read more about this board.

The Gourmet Chopping Board 20 x 14 x .75 from Teakhaus by Proteak is another great choice for your holiday host or hostess.  A beautiful kitchen to table, serving and chopping board, this is an essential tool for the holiday party host. Retailing at just $39.99, this gift will become a staple in whichever home it lands.  Visit the shop to learn more about this board.

For all of your host & hostess gift needs, visit our complete Marine Collection cutting board line from Teakhaus by Proteak.


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