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Teakhaus by Proteak - Now On Instagram

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Follow along at @Teakhaus to see beautiful customer creations and delicious meal ideas from those who love using our Teak cutting boards and butcherblocks by Proteak.  Here is a sneak peek:


Remedia's use of simple, fresh ingredients and spices on a teak end grain background makes the food beautifully pop.    Tag Teakhaus by Proteak on your end grain butcher blocks in use! 


Faring well knows how to set up a beautiful Picture!  We love the way she uses our edge grain carving board as a background for plated food, prep, or even just as a background.  


Ceramic Grillworks, one of our wonderful retailers is always posting great pictures of some of his favorite boards. A love of both our end & edge grain, see how he uses both for veggie and meat prep, as well as for displaying some of his favorite treats. 


Free range mama is a craftsperson, a chef, and all around lover of life, food, and our teak cutting boards.  Using fresh, colorful ingredients - her favorite board is our edge grain carving board.  


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