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Teakhaus by Proteak - In The Kitchen

Teakhaus by Proteak - In The Kitchen

Take a peek into the kitchens of these 5 blogging chefs that love to use Teakhaus by Proteak Cutting Boards, Carving Boards, Butcher Blocks, and more.

1. Joe Giuffria - Southern Costal Cooking 

Specializing in southern cuisine and barbecue, Chef Joe Giuffria puts our cutting and carving boards to use daily.  Based in southern Mississippi, he experiments with fresh, natural, southern ingredients....meaning a lot of meat, a lot of seafood, and and a LOT of spices.  Joe uses our Teakhaus butcher blocks by Proteak daily, watch any of his videos and you see his love of cooking for yourself.  Before choosing Teakhaus butcher blocks by Proteak, he did a lot of research, choosing teak not only for its beauty but the important qualities that teak wood contains as well.  Read more about  Joe, and why he choose Teakhaus on one of our past blog posts.  Check out his youtube channel.

2. Laurie Neverman - Common Sense Homesteading

Laurie's passion is self sufficiency, her blog explores the world of homesteading and self reliance.  From gardening, to cooking, to preserving, to animal husbandry, herbal medicine and more - her website is a wealth of knowledge that everyone could learn from, no matter your life style or location.  Quality, long lasting products are important in a self reliant lifestyle, which is why Laurie chooses to use Teakhaus by Proteak in the kitchen. She explores many areas in the culinary arts, including preserving, canning, bread making and more.  Visit her blog,  Common Sense Homesteading. You will see many of our boards used in her kitchen, she takes very good care of them, and even has a blog post on how to take care of your wood cutting boards, butcher blocks.

3. Anna Sneddon - Eat To Thrive

Gardener, and culinary artist Anna Sneddon has a visual image blog that will make you crave healthy, organic food.  Using ingredients she grows in her garden, each creation not only delicious, but creates a sustainable, seasonal lifestyle that is important in our fast growing world.  All of her creations are vegetarian and vegan.  Her food looks amazing on our teak butcher blocks, both end and edge grain.  Visit her  Tumbler page or follow her on Instagram to get daily updates on the food she is creating.  If you like smoothies, and fresh fruit in particular - she has many amazing combinations.

4. Chef Megan - Healthy Eating 101

Megan McCarthy combines beautiful presentation with healthy eating to create delicious, nutritions meals.  Megan is a healthy lifestyle consultant, chef, teacher and spokesperson. Her passion is creating fresh food right from the garden, and loves to teach her skills to others who would like to do the same, both children and adults.  Her blog and website features many healthy recipes with beautiful images to help you create them. The images below feature some of our edge grain collection butcher blocks by Proteak. Visit our Traditional Collection by Teakhaus to find these beautiful chopping boards. Visit  her website today, and sign up for a class if you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area.


5. Pat Geyer - The Ranting Chef

A resident of the Cleveland Ohio area, Pat Geyer calls himself an amateur chef with a blog, but after all of these years of testing recipes- we think he is being being modest. Armed with the love of food, he explores restaurants, ingredients, kitchen tools and anything else related to cooking and eating. Visit his blog for some delicious recipes, my favorite are always his pasta recipes.


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