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Southern Costal Cooking - Chef Joe Giuffria

Chef Spotlight Joe Giuffria of Southern Costal Cooking

Teakhaus by Proteak is staple in the kitchen of Chef Joe Giuffria of Southern Costal Cooking.  Joe uses three of our most popular boards, our largest end grain board, the Rectangle End Grain with Juice Canal 24 x 20 x 1.5, our slim and versatile Rectangle Edge Grain with Juice Canal 18 x 14 x .75 from the Marine Collection and our Bar Board 8 x 8 x .75.  With all of the chopping, slicing, and dicing he does on a daily basis- its no wonder he chose the durability of a Teakhaus cutting board.  Joe writes about his love for our cutting board:

"I really enjoy using Teakhus By Proteak cutting boards /chopping blocks in my home and on my channel.

When I started out my cooking channel I was always looking for attractive surfaces to do my food pictures and knife reviews ect on. I noticed many of the other channels had backgrounds like carbon fiber, granite, drift wood ect for their knife reviews and then you have your more food geared channels using counter tops and super high end butcher's block tables for their food prep and pics.

crawfish-stuffed-burgers.jpgI myself was a huge fan of the wooden counter top reviews and also having a cooking channel I did a bunch of chopping, so putting two and two together I came up with the idea of doing my reviews and chopping on the same surface. But the question still was "What surface was best?" So I went to a good friend of mine who owns his own mill and builds custom furniture and doors. I told him what I was looking for, some very good looking wooden chopping blocks or serving trays I could use in my videos. He suggested that I only look to teak as a wood source because of not only it beauty(like the bright work on many classic Sport Fishers and pleasure boats) but for its anti bacterial/water resistant properties as well. He said teak was the perfect wood for the job and could last a lifetime. But unfortunately at the time his mill was slammed with orders and he didn't have any teak on hand. He told me to look online and try to find a manufacturer that not only sold teak cutting boards but also made them, he said "you want a quality product from start to finish make sure they use the best materials quality check along the way and are environmentally responsible"

And let me tell you I looked and looked, to try and find someone who made and sold their own boards and still had a reasonable price. Then just by chance I came across Proteak. I had passed by their website before because I though they just grew the teak, But WOW to my amazement they not only grew the trees but harvested them in a very environmentally responsible way they also made cutting boards and sold them "PERFECT" just what I was looking for.

And would you believe this their boards were very reasonably priced and just gorgeous with many different designs and sizes.

Today I use different designs and sizes of ProTeak boards on my cooking channel for various jobs in the kitchen,serving on the table, and reviewing in my office. There seems to be a perfect board from Proteak for each of my jobs and culinary presentations. I have several larger boards we use for serving when we entertain and guest always ask "where did you get those beautiful chopping blocks? I bet they coast a fortune." And when I tell them about Proteak and their prices they are just blown away.

I plan to keep using Proteak in my home and on my channel for a long time to come."

Dont forget to visit Joe on his youtube channel, Southern Costal Cooking.  You can also find him on Facebook

For a little more info on me and my channel, checkout this interview I did for Dizzy Pig BBQ http://dizzypigbbq.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/DP-interview-with-Southern-Coastal-Cooking.pdf

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