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How To Season Your Wood Cutting Board

How To Season & Maintain Your Wood Cutting Board

An important part of owning wood kitchen products are their monthly maintenance.  Easily extend the lifespan of these beautiful items while protecting against germs, mold, splintering, knife marks, and cooking odors just by seasoning it each month.  You will find that following a few rules, along with a simple application of oil each month will keep your kitchen wood products looking like new for years and years.  

Before/After Seasoning

Cleaning Your Teak Wood Cutting Board.

Teak is a tropical hardwood, known for its water resistance, durability, and naturally occurring antibacterial qualities due to its high oil content.  Though Teak is one of the most water resistant woods, you still don't want to put it in the dishwasher, or submerge it fully in water.  This is a good practice with any wood product.  To wash, simply run warm water over the board while using a mild dish soap.  If you would like to do a deep clean, I personally use white vinegar as it is an amazing natural cleaner.  To dry, prop the board up on something so that it can drip dry before you put it back on your countertop, or in the cabinet.  Its that easy!

Seasoning Your Wood Cutting Board

Use these simple seasoning steps on any wood cutting board or kitchen product, and you will have long lasting beautiful wood in your kitchen!

1.  Clean your cutting board.  Give your cutting board a simple wash, following the instructions above and wait for it to fully dry.

2. Apply oil to your cutting board.  There are many different oils you can use on your cutting board, but we recommend two of our favorites: First, our natural cutting board seasoning wax - made of organic coconut oil (to maintain the woods natural oil content), pure beeswax (to create a protective seal over the wood), and organic orange essential oil (a very light, clean, natural scent with disinfecting qualities).  Second, our classic mineral oil, the stand by-wood oiling product used for years in the industry.  To apply, use a soft rag to work the wax/oil into the wood.  Remember, a little goes a long way!

3.  Let the oil soak into the board. This is the easiest step of all, after step 2- simply let your board sit on the countertop for a few hours to let the oil soap into the board.  Now your board is ready to use!!

Our seasoning waxes work on all wood and bamboo cutting boards, utensils, and other unfinished wood products. Here is a photo from one of our customers testing out the natural wax seasoner on an old bamboo cutting board.

Our wood seasoning wax & oil works on all unfinished wood & bamboo surfaces.

Here is another before & after picture of oiled wood cutting boards.

Follow these three simple steps once a month and your wood cutting board will live a long healthy life. 


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