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Americas Test Kitchen votes Teakhaus by Proteak!

Americas Test Kitchen calls Teakhaus by Proteak Rectangle Edge Grain Cutting Board:

"The Last Cutting Board You'll Ever Need"

"What we were looking for: We wanted enough space so we wouldn’t feel cramped when butchering chickens or end up chasing carrot coins that roll off the board’s edge. We also wanted some heft to keep the boards from slipping and sliding around the counter while we’re working. Finally, durability was crucial: Shallow scratches were to be expected, but deep gashes would be a deal breaker, as they trap food, odors, and bacteria and can lead to splintering.

How we tested it: We distributed copies of this board to our test cooks, who put them through three solid months of daily use—the equivalent of years of use in the average home kitchen. We also did a regular series of tests on each board—see it in action in the video below:

How it actually works: This board resisted warping and cracking, showed only minor scratches, never seemed “thirsty,” and—despite its heft—was easy to lift and clean, thanks to handholds on each end.

Good to know: Teak, a tropical wood, contains tectoquinones, components of oily resins that are resistant to moisture, helping cutting boards made from this wood survive far better than other wood and bamboo models.

My favorite part: Its longevity. Choosing a cutting board can feel like a roll of the dice. You think you’re buying a solid, hard-wearing piece of equipment that will last for decades, only to find that it eventually suffers deep gouges, dulls the edge of your knife, or even warps or splits. This board didn’t fall prey to any of these issues in our testing.

Best for: Years of kitchen use.

Overall: Roomy, knife-friendly, and exceptionally durable, this teak cutting board is worth every penny."

 -Americas Test Kitchen

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