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5 Ways To Use the Teakhaus by Proteak Rectangle Edge Grain Marine Board 8 x 8 x .75

5 Ways To Use the Teakhaus by Proteak 

Rectangle Edge Grain Marine Board 8 x 8 x .75

The Marine Collections smallest board, the Rectangle Edge Grain 8 x 8 x .75 is a chopping board like no other. This marvelous teak cutting board is sometimes overlooked because of its small size in comparison with the rest of the Marine Collection, however, this board has so much versatility in the kitchen & home that those who do try it often find that they cant live without a set of these for daily use! This cutting board features a juice canal, low profile hand grip areas for easy mobility, and a corner hole for easy transport and storage.

1. Teak Bar Board

The 8 x 8 x .75 Rectangle Edge Grain Marine Board made with Teak wood from Teakhaus by Proteak is the ultimate bar board.  Its small size and maneuverability make this the perfect board for entertaining home guests, or using in fast paced professional service.  Chop your lemons, limes, and other garnishes quickly and beautifully with no mess.A juice canal will catch any runaway juice while the corner hole handle will allow you to transport and clean with ease.  You can even use this board to serve garnish as well if you are entertaining at home!

2. Teak Cheese & Snack Board

Teakhaus by Proteak's rectangle chopping board 8 x 8 is a great cheese & snack board - for guests, or for casual use throughout the day.  The juice canal can be a helpful display tool while the corner hole makes the board easy to transport.  Also a great personal platter, just slice up your snacks with no need to use a plate!  

3. Teak Sandwich Board

Making lunch at home doesn't have to be a big task with the help of our Marine Collection 8 x 8 x .75 edge grain cutting board.  This board is the perfect size to chop a few carrots and build a sandwich on, and afterwards double as a plate.  With a convenient juice canal to catch crumbs, and a corner hole for easy transport- this is a great lunchtime plate for adults and children!  

4. Teak Appetizer Serving Plates

A small collection of these cutting boards double as appetizer plates! Prepare one for each of your guests, and serve right on the cutting board! Your guests are sure to complement their beautiful wood grain, and after the meal clean up will be quick and easy.

5. Teak RV, Camping, or Picnic Cutting Board 

The ideal cutting board for tight spaces, this rectangle 8 x 8 x .75 is perfect for the outdoors! For camping, RV's, or picnics in the park, this cutting board will double as a serving plate!  Its small size with a convenient corner hole makes this cutting board easy to store (either slide it in a cabinet or hang by the corner hole).

Do you use this cutting board in your kitchen? 

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