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5 Turkey Recipes for your Teakhaus by Proteak Carving Board

5 Turkey Recipes for your Teakhaus by Proteak Carving Board

1. Roasted Turkey with Herb Butter & Roasted Shallots from Cookin Canuck

One of my favorite things about cooking Thanksgiving meals is the fresh herbs and vegetables.  I use these same herbs all year round, yet somehow on Thanksgiving they create an aromatic presence that is second to none.  This roasted turkey recipe from Cookin Canuck is a perfect combination of fresh ingredients, roasted and browned to perfection.  Visit  the Cookin Canuck blog to see this full recipe and many other wonderful creations.

2. Bacon Blanketed, Herb Roasted Turkey from The Runaway Spoon

Wow, this recipe combines intricate bacon blanketing skills with the already complicated task of roasting a turkey.....I am sure this is delicious.  For those Bacon lovers out there, here is the perfect recipe for you to try this year.  With easy to follow instructions, and detailed tips and tricks, I know you can conquer this recipe with the help of one of our Teakhaus carving boards.   Visit The Runaway Spoon for the entire recipe.


3.  Roast Turkey with Pears and Sage from Adventures In Cooking

A unique and delicious recipe, Adventures In Cooking takes their turkey to the next level with pear stuffing and a pear glaze.  Visit  their website to see the full recipe as well as beautiful step by step pictures of the process.

4. Juicy Roast Turkey Recipe from Natashas Kitchen

A beautiful and easy to follow roast turkey recipe for the first time turkey roaster as well as the seasoned expert. Natasha walks you through this recipe step by step using simple, fresh ingredients.  Teaching you a technique as well as a recipe, I am confident that with recipe your turkey will be perfectly browned and ready to serve on one of our Teakhaus carving boards by Proteak.   Check out this link to see the entire recipe.

5.  Apple Cider & Citrus Turkey Brine with Herbs from Wicked Good Kitchen 

My pick for the tastiest turkey - this is actually the recipe I used last year and will probably use again this year.  Several guests commented that this was the best turkey they had ever eaten. Thank you Wicked Good Kitchen!  This recipe is filled with aromatics, which you infuse together and brine the turkey with for at least 24 hours.  The preparation will be worth it, I promise.  Click here for the recipe.

Thanksgiving Day Carving Board's from Teakhaus by Proteak

Two beautiful, sturdy carving boards for you to serve this years Turkey masterpiece on.  With low profile hand grips, and sturdy Teak construction, use one of these two boards to prep AND serve all of your Thanksgiving ingredients.  The first one, called "the last cutting board you'll ever need" by Cooks Illustrated Magazine & Americas Test Kitchen has always been a classic favorite from chefs around the country.  The second one, a new addition to our collection, is the same board, but with end grain construction making this favorite style of carving board even sturdier.   Visit the shop to read more about cutting boards, butcher blocks, and carving boards from Teakhaus by Proteak.


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